In the face of overwhelming evidence,
It strikes me as remarkable that any political or religious group:
‘Left’, ‘Right’, ‘Moderate’, Buddist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish,
Muslim, Shinto, etc.
Would claim to be more fit, or worthy, than others
To take on the difficult challenges of life.

In war, all sides claim that ‘God is on their side’, that they
Have been specially ‘chosen’ for victory.

From the point of view of evolution,
Organisms and creatures that are alive today,
Or have ever been alive since life has inhabited the Earth,
(Or other life-bearing planets),
Are truly special cases,
Selected by Nature.

We are the chosen ones.

Most seedlings do not survive long enough to reproduce.
Most eggs do not hatch into mature adults.
Most embryos do not live to reproductive age.

Many are called. Few are chosen!