Green Spoon Worm

Free Verse 

The green spoon worm lives in crevices on the sea floor.
The green spoon worm, Bonellia viridis, (the name suggests an Italian movie
actress) is characterized by one of the most extreme size differences between
male and female.

The female green spoon worm spends her life in one spot.

The male green spoon worm is 200,000 times smaller than his mate.
The male green spoon worm spends his entire lifetime inside the female’s
reproductive tract, regurgitating sperm through his mouth to fertilize her
A male green spoon worm can only have one mate; so growing larger is a waste
of energy.

A green spoon worm larva has no gender.
A green spoon worm becomes male or female depending on whether it
encounters a female during its first three weeks of life.