Pastoral (Greek)

Several times in Earth’s history,
     social animals have domesticated their food sources.
Agriculture has evolved in termites, ants, and people.

11 thousand years ago, humans domesticated plants and animals
     on a large scale,
And, at the same time, became domesticated.
Agriculture was born.
And, because a few could feed many, cities and towns emerged,
     spawning elaborate systems of commerce and government.

Humans have evolved codependent relations with domesticated
     plants and animals that have resulted in benefits to each.
For centuries, genetic engineering has been practiced
     by means of animal husbandry and seed manipulation.
Plants and animals have been artificially selected by humans
     for their usefulness as food products, medicines, hunters,
     workers, travelers, household companions and defenders, 
     and for their aesthetic value.
At the same time, humans have been able to insure the long-term survival
     of a variety of flowering plants, crops, household animals, and