Letter to Gertrude

Epistle (Roman, Biblical) 


(I love Gertrude Stein.
She said:
There ain’t no answer. There ain’t never been no answer. There ain’t 
     never going to be no answer. That’s the answer.
I disagree.
She said:
Human Nature and the Human Mind are not related to one another.
She said:
There is no relation between Human Nature and the Human Mind.
I disagree.
Hemingway said: Gertrude is always right.
I disagree.)

Change is pervasive throughout the universe.
There is always change.
There has always been change.
There will always be change.
For life forms, including humans,
adapting to change is fundamental, primary.
Adaptation is the answer.

If we define Human Nature as the genetic predisposition
and developed state of humans to behave in a particular way,
if we consider Human Mind to be synonymous with Human Brain,
if we allow that Human Behavior emerges from,
and Human Experience is contained within, Human Brain,
then we must observe that Human Nature and Human Brain
are not only deeply related, but are cognitively and neurologically
one and the same.

I like Hemingway, but Hemingway was not always right.

Yours affectionately…