Museum of ‘Natural Landscapes’

Select an extraordinary or sublime geographical location that can be framed
within your field of vision. *

Using a Global Positioning System (GPS), record the exact location of the viewing frame.

Describe the general location of the scene.

(ex: on the front grounds of the Chatham Bars Inn, North Chatham, MA,
in front of the kiosk, looking out at the ocean between two trees)

Describe the month and time of day for best viewing.

Provide the viewer with the following data related to the location of the selected viewing frame:

GPS position
Longitude / latitude
Head height
Bearing point (compass reading)

Create a dedicated blog or website in which to record and display the information.

As an ongoing project, invite various artists to participate.

Along with the above information, the artist should include a brief description of the selected site that explores the underlying evolutionary, biological, or geological processes that inform its natural beauty, much like a landscape artist who adds texture to a scene.

* (A human brain frames the world according to its immediate interests. When we focus our attention on something, we are  framing that thing against a washed-out background, forming a picture in relief. The same is true for all of our senses.)