On the left-hand side of the page is Column A.
On the right side is Column B.
Column A is a list of authors and composers. 
Column B lists various sporting activities that are associated with these artists.

Column A:

Samuel Beckett
Albert Camus
William Faulkner
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Charles Ives
Arnold Schoenberg

						Column B:

						Fishing and Hunting

Here’s how they match up:

Albert Camus was a serious rugby player.
Of course, we know from his books that Ernest Hemingway was a notorious 
     fisherman and big-game hunter.
Arnold Schoenberg was an avid tennis player.
Charles Ives played baseball at Yale. He was a left-handed pitcher.
Samuel Beckett was a star cricket player.
F. Scott Fitzgerald played football at Princeton.
William Faulkner was a 'semi-pro' golf instructor in Oxford, 

Writer Pat Conroy said ‘Athletics is mercilessly fair.’
The same could be said of art.

Art and sport are also complementary.
At its best, art requires a total commitment of emotional and intellectual 
While sport demands complete physical and emotional dedication. 

Other theories on the relationship between art and sport?