New World

In a depressed world, we live with what we have, 
     pay what we owe when we can, 
     look out for others, when it is in our best interest. 
We want to share, to find connection, 
     but we fear isolation and loneliness.
We are often angry with others, with ourselves.
We frequently follow a path of resistance and turmoil.
We are always tired.

In a just world, there is a distribution of resources 
     that results in a large middle-class.
And a large middle-class depends on individual rights and privileges, 
     including one-person, one-vote, 
     with a strong commitment to social justice. 
A large middle-class is necessarily tied 
     to economic principles of free and fair exchange.

In a sublime world, our passions point us to success.
Nature shows us the path to wisdom and contentment.
We discover the best in ourselves and others, and forgive the worst.
We share those things that are truly valuable.
We work hard enough to satisfy a hunger for universal knowledge.
We balance effort with leisure.
We know and respect ourselves, and others.