Posterity and the Human Phenotype

                                1. Work

Get the job. Earn the money. Pay the bills. Save something.
Those who do it well are destined to increase their wealth.
For love, or money; or both. 
Those who are determined, venturesome, and ambitious 
     will have buildings named after them.

                                2. Food 

Gather the food. Prepare the food. Serve the food.
Those who do it best are awarded five stars.
Others enjoy the satisfaction of conferring their tastes
     on generations of sons and daughters, spouses, and friends.

                                3. Sex

Select a partner. Seduce the partner.
Those who are most successful
     propagate themselves across future generations.

                                4. Play

Throw the ball. Catch the ball. Kick the ball. Hit the ball.
Those who are the best play for the World Cup, in the Super Bowl, 
     in the World Series, etc.
If one is truly remarkable at throwing, catching, kicking, or hitting, 
     perhaps one will be enshrined in a hall of fame.

                                5. Chasing the Sublime

Study the art. Create the art.
Those who are dedicated and talented are heard in the concert hall, sell their 
     paintings, make the best-seller list, perform on stage, etc.
Those that persist, that are thoughtful, creative, and inspired will propagate
     their ideas throughout the world.