Social Identity

Throughout the world, individuals are identified
(this is only a partial list):

as African, Arab, Asian, European, Hybrid;

as Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim;

as atheist, monotheist, polytheist;

as conservative, liberal, moderate, neo-conservative, radical;

as anarchist, freedom fighter, patriot, revolutionary;

as ethnic, fundamentalist, polemicist, tribal;

as humanist, philosopher, realist;

as capitalist, communist, socialist;

as existentialist, hedonist, narcissist;

as aristocrat, lower-class, middle-class, peasant, proletariat, royalty, upper-class;

as apolitical, democrat, green, independent, libertarian, republican.

Once a self-proclaimed, middle-class, secular humanist, 
I have re-identified myself as a creative realist.

I have enlisted reason as a rational way of considering the universe
and everything in it, and creativity for recognizing humankind 
as a dynamic, interactive community of possibilities.