The Body Holiday

Each year, on Veterans Day, 
I like to acknowledge my immune system.

I parade the White cells around my body,
Marching them up and down the main arteries 
To the beat of pulsing blood and vibrating nerve cells.

It is an inspiration to hear the cheers 
of the other cells and organs 
as the different teams of defenders pass by.

In a special ceremony, 
located in the central artery
Near the heart, between the lungs,
The much admired and decorated ‘T’ cells 
Are cited for bravery,
And recognized for the heroes that they are.

The immune forces understand that not everyone 
Appreciates their dedication and sacrifice.
They know that their lives can be a ghastly
Whirlwind of killing, torture and mayhem; that
Ultimately they represent the worst of what life is worth.

Yet, they also know
That until we can find a better way
Of preventing sickness and death,
Someone has to do it.