Two Kinds of Genius

I believe that there are fundamentally two kinds of genius.

One in which there is no need to question how a thing is done;
     one does the thing without having to ask how.

In music, this kind of genius is revealed in the works of 

                                        W. A. Mozart,
                                       Franz Schubert,
                                         and others.

The other kind of genius combines a special instinct and reverence,
     with persistence, and dedication to hard work.

This is a different kind of genius, illuminated in the industrious habits of 

                                           J. S. Bach,
                                 Ludwig van Beethoven,
                                     Johannes Brahms,
                                         as examples.

Most artists who are creative, inspired, diligent, and achieve greatness
     fall into this second category,
While, typically, savants are members of the first class.