We Too Are Nature

Beethoven said 'Only art and science can raise men from manliness to 

It can be argued that the overwhelming consideration of our time is the 
issue of people of different ethnicity, class, and culture learning to live 
together peacefully in an overcrowded and often badly managed world.

For decades, artists of all stripes have been addressing this problem 
by creating new and innovative forms that combine, mix, fuse, or 
incorporate dramatically different, styles, tastes, viewpoints, and genres. 
The mash-up, mixed beats in music, fusion restaurants, combined fashion 
designs, and mixed media are popular examples. Similar forms exist 
throughout the arts.

At the same time, scientists are discovering new avenues of commonality 
in the vast reaches of the universe, fundamental evidence that connects 
each of us within our species, that connects us with other species, that 
provides a link to our common ancestor at the origin of life. There are 
many examples that deeply link us to Nature.

So are we making progress in curbing fear and intolerance? Can art and 
science shine a bright enough light to change the world? Perhaps. The key 
is to promote ideas, creativity, and exploration.