While Much of Science

*Ghazal (10th century Persian) 

While much of science is dedicated to specialization,
Evolution is a study of connection.

We are all products of our long history.
Human instincts and tendencies began within our bacterial ancestors. 

Viruses are the only life forms to inhabit the genome.
They are uniquely capable of dramatically changing the evolution of the host.

250 million years ago, the greatest ice age in Earth’s history 
Destroyed 95 per cent of all living things.

Anthropologists and others have theorized that most of our social evolution
Took place when people lived in extended families as hunter-gatherers.

The story of the chicken and the egg is the story of symbiosis.
Without an egg there is no ‘chicken’; without the chicken, no egg.

I doubt whether I could survive a long period of environmental stress.
I am much too domesticated.

* pronounced ‘Ghuzzle’