Your Own Musical Accompaniment

Two columns. The left column is an activity. The right column is an appropriate
musical accompaniment specific to that activity.

Try these first, then create your own activities and accompaniments.
(Let me know what you come up with.)

 A)						       B)

Perform Saturday morning light		  while listening to Ein Heldenleben by
housekeeping chores                       Richard Strauss, and/or music composed
                                          strictly for the bullfight.

Sit next to an open window while	  With the volume low, play the Sarabande
it is raining outside (never during       from J . S. Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello
an electrical storm).	                  Suite No. 5. 

While watching a televised		listen to a small string ensemble playing
basketball game,			Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr.

Think about somebody to whom		while listening to Luciano Berio’s
you are extremely attracted		electronic masterpiece Visage.

Looking for a misplaced shoe?		Put on some genuine Theatre Organ Music.
				          Play at high volume.

When watching a televised		play the first movement of Beethoven’s
football game,		                Symphony No. 8. The sound of the game
                                          should be part of the mix.

Sit next to an open window in		Listen to Luciano Berio’s Sequenza No. 3
summer where you can hear		for female voice playing in the background.
birds singing.					

Basement flooding?	                  Handel’s Water Music (obvious, but effective)

When listening to a baseball game	play an old recording of the last movement
on television (with the sound at a	of Beethoven’s Septet.
moderately low volume),

While driving to a treasured location	     play Sousa Marches at high volume.
for a summer vacation,

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