Your Own Art Gallery

Stand in front of a window inside your home or workplace.

Gather several objects with which to form a simple tableau, on, around, or below 
the windowsill. Simplicity is key. No curtains or drapes.

The placement, style, or character of the objects must be integrated with 
one another, and with the outdoor environment that can be seen 
behind, and beyond the window frame.

The interior window frame area, with its simple artistic design, 
in addition to the outdoor imagery and motions, combine to form 
a three-dimensional installation which begins when we look out the window 
and extends to the optical limit.
The outdoor environment should not be tampered with or changed in any way: 
sculptural configuration on the inside, dynamic environment on the outside. *

* (This can be modified for a professional gallery space: everything is the same 
as above, except that behind the window frame is a hologram of an outdoor